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We buy, build and grow brands together!

Helping brands and entrepreneurs thrive

At Constrive BrandBuilders, we’re your ultimate wingman in the world of D2C. We’re here to help you crush your goals, seize new opportunities and achieve your full potential as a an entrepreneur. With our expert support and guidance, you can stay focused on what matters most and leave the operational and financial stuff to us!

Act as a partner

Acquiring e-commerce brands is our bread and butter, but don’t worry – we’re not here to take over your entire business. We recognize that you, as the entrepreneur, are the true star of the show, with your unique skills, creativity, and understanding of your audience.
Our mission is to act as a partner with a majority stake, providing the strategic & operational support and resources you need to grow your business while keeping your vision and goals at the heart of everything we do. With our help, you can soar to new heights and achieve even greater success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

The team

At our core, we’re a team of D2C rockstars who eat, breathe, sleep e-commerce and data! We’re obsessed with helping brands thrive in the fast-paced world of digital commerce. And we know that as an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to ambition – that’s why we’re eager to join forces with you and make your brand a part of our dynamic team.

Mike van Eijk

Head of Brands

Laura Hegeman

Business Analyst

Mark Mansveld

Partner Growth Manager

How will we work together?

We’ve put in the hard work to understand exactly how D2C channels work and know how to achieve the best results across marketplaces, your own webshop and social media platforms and scale your business internationally. We believe that everybody has their own expertise and that by freeing you from non-core activities, you can focus on your strengths while we take care of the rest.

The partner process

Acquiring a business is like working together to solve a complex puzzle – we need to collaborate, communicate effectively and leverage our individual strengths. We need to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome that sets us both up for long-term success.

Let’s get a first impression, show both of our passion and enthusiasm and understand your business.

We dive into the data to do a market potential analysis. After we crunch the numbers we deliver a rock-solid business case that proves the potential for success!

All our cards are on the table and we show you why we’re the perfect match with a proposal that’s impossible to refuse!

We investigate, analyze and uncover all the important details we need together to make smart decisions and avoid any surprises down the road!

Let’s celebrate! We’ve signed the deal and start the next chapter of our business journey!

The brands we partner with

Our goal is to help e-commerce brands succeed and grow. We achieve this by truly working together.

Simple Fix is just one of our real-life partners who have experienced our services first-hand, and can vouch for the quality, value and impact on their business!

Simple Fix about our collaboration

“Simple Fix has grown fast in recent years and it soon became clear that there was a need for a good and reliable partner to continue our growth. We found this partner in 10XCrew. This has taken a lot of operational work out of our hands by highly skilled specialists.

This allows us as entrepreneurs to focus on what we do best, product research and development.
We believe that our joint Drive will lead to great success.”

Can you check the boxes?

The right spirit!

Brand owner

Focus on D2C & Marketplaces

>1M yearly revenue

Sounds interesting? Do you want to know more?
Then let’s talk!