Why Join Us? - Constrive
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Why Join Us?

Constrive Vision on Scaling Companies

We believe by providing a framework of services and expertises to Founders and companies we can grow stronger and faster together. By focusing on the eCommerce, Consumer Goods and Retail sector we can do this even faster as together, we will be able to see things beyond our own scope. We will be able to create new joint propositions and leverage the network of each other.

Constrive Incubation and Acceleration Program

The Constrive program is focused on (digital) companies with specialised services to help brands and R(etailers) connect with consumers in the most efficient way. 


We help founders with:

  • Access to experienced mentors
  • Monthly group business and personal learning sessions
  • Peer-to-peer learning, learn from other founders.
  • Strategic advice
  • Improvement of product market fit
  • Access to networks
  • Back Office support: Finance, HR, Legal
  • Potential sources of funding
  • Being part of a commercial (R)etail ecosystem for Brands

To grow our group we are looking for Founders and Companies in the space of:

  • B2B (online) marketing agencies and tech companies
  • B2C (online) marketing agencies and tech companies
  • Shopify webshop builders
  • Digital commerce strategy agencies
  • Marketplace Agencies
  • eCommerce/Marketplace traffic and conversion improving tech
  • Product Content Creation
  • Supply Chain tech
  • Fulfilment Intelligence tech

If you are interested to learn more, please drop me an email.

Im looking forward to be in touch with you


Chang Ng

Founder, Constrive