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Why Join Us?

Constrive Vision on Scaling Companies

Constrive is more than a company; we are a dynamic ecosystem built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We operate at the intersection of a company, a community, and a continuous learning environment, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation, growth, and sustainable impact across industries, from consumer products, eCommerce, and beyond.


Our unique approach provides a comprehensive roadmap for ventures, equipping entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and the supportive community necessary to scale their ideas, irrespective of their background or industry.


We believe in the transformative power of collaboration and continuous learning. At Constrive, ventures are nurtured not just to exist, but to grow, thrive, and redefine their respective landscapes. At the heart of our community, our people continually learn, develop and contribute to the ventures, to the ecosystem, and to each other.


Joining Constrive means you become part of more than just an ecosystem. You join a movement, a joint system that redefines the entrepreneurial journey. You become a member of a tribe of like-minded professionals committed to making a lasting impact.


Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, an aspiring one seeking to launch your venture, or a seasoned professional looking to leverage your expertise within a larger ecosystem, we invite you to join us on our mission.

Constrive Incubation and Acceleration Program

Constrive Growth & Marketing:
This venture will equip our portfolio companies with effective strategies to grow their customer base, amplify their brand image, and promote their products, with a strong understanding of the unique demands and opportunities within our niche sectors.


Constrive Strategy Consult:
This venture will offer expert advice and strategic planning services, helping our ventures strategise and grow. They will apply sector-specific insights to services such as business strategy planning, market research, and competitive analysis.


Constrive Academy:
Acknowledging the continuous need for learning and development, this venture will offer a range of programs, cultivating growth within the Constrive ecosystem. Our people will be kept at the forefront of their fields, constantly evolving as individuals and leaders.


Constrive Tech Labs:
Given the critical role of robust technology in today’s digital era, our tech venture will aid in leveraging cutting-edge technology, offering expertise specifically relevant to the sectors of ecommerce, ecom tech, and consumer products.


Constrive Finance, Admin & Human Talent Support:
Recognising the critical roles of both human resources and financial management, this venture will provide comprehensive HR management services including hiring, onboarding, personal growth, performance & productivity, organisation & team structuring, and HR operations. Alongside, it will bolster the financial health of our ventures through services such as bookkeeping, financial analysis, reporting, and tax advice. This integrated venture aims to ensure the seamless operation of talent acquisition, retention, development, and financial management, specifically tailored to our ecosystem.

To grow our group we are looking for Founders and Companies in the space of:

  • B2B (online) marketing agencies and tech companies
  • B2C (online) marketing agencies and tech companies
  • Shopify webshop builders
  • Digital commerce strategy agencies
  • Marketplace Agencies
  • eCommerce/Marketplace traffic and conversion improving tech
  • Product Content Creation
  • Supply Chain tech
  • Fulfilment Intelligence tech

If you are interested to learn more, please drop me an email.

Im looking forward to be in touch with you


Chang Ng

Founder, Constrive